About us

Team Merge is a brand new started Esports Organization, with a main focus on the European Fortnite scene. The energy is driven by talented individuals who all share the same vision of making a permanent established esports brand in the north.

Merge Started announcing the first 5 Fortnite players January 1, 2020, and has quickly shown good sporting results, we are currently at top 67 on the EU leaderboard based on overall power rankings points of 7075. This rapid development is due to all the working forces behind the team. In Merge, we have a large media production specializing in delivering daily content to our fast-growing followers. With all the qualities and professional understanding, Team Merge is ready to expand and create something bigger than already done. #MergeIt


Team Merge, is an environment for semi-professional players. We have experience in helping players market your social media, as well as optimizing your performance at the highest level.
We are a Danish-based team with a goal of expanding to the Nordic market by 2021, by establishing our brand in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.


To develop our players, with a targeted and evolving mentality to the professional esports environment, and to help our players build a brand around themselves in sports and on social media.