Oct 25, 2020

Meet our new Valorant Team!

Oct 15, 2020

Welcome to the Fortnite Academy lineup!

Welcome to our new Fortnite Academy lineup! #MergeIt #MergeFortnite


We are so happy to introduce you to these guys, we hope you will welcome them!

@Pacewnl  🇩🇰
@Guldmann 🇩🇰
@M4tiFN 🇩🇰
@enzownl 🇩🇰
@ZkretFN 🇩🇰

Sep 26, 2020

Two new players to our Fortnite Roster

Welcome to @Dxssing & @spaaabaek! #Mergeit

2 additions to our competitive fortnite roster…

They’re live now with the announcement from twitch now!

Sep 4, 2020

New affiliate Partner - MyProtein

We are now Affiliated with @Myprotein

Use Code “MERGEMYP” For 35% Off! Link:

#Merge #MergeIt

May 15, 2020

Welcome Gold Dennis

We are incredibly happy to welcome our new ambassador to Merge!

Welcome to @GuldDenniz


#Merge #MergeIt

May 08, 2020

Thanks Poulsen

We have today decide to go two different ways with @Poulsenbtw.

We have been grateful with Poulsen’s time in Merge from the beginning and helped us building it up. Well played and thanks for this time!

#Merge #MergeIt #Fortnite

May 05, 2020

We are Qualified

We are so proud to be able to send 2 of our players to #FNCS invitational big congratulations guys! #Mergeit

#19 @Hygge

#148 @PlanezSZN